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Hot topic: A new start

New year, new weddings – from music to puddings, we’ve got you covered for the season ahead

Play on

Play on

Q. I love the idea of a string quartet playing me down the aisle and during the reception but I don't know anything about classical music. What pieces would you advise to build atmosphere at various points of the day?

A. Kirsty MacLeod says: It doesn't have to be classical! We've done many a wedding, and couples have requested such a wide variety of music to walk down the aisle to – from the Star Wars' score to Single Ladies! Our most popular request for the ceremony is Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. Delibes' Flower Duet, Elgar's Salut D'Amour and Handel's Queen of Sheba are also very popular with our clients. Or how about the traditional Wedding March by Mendelssohn? A good string quartet will be able to guide your through the choices and often publish repertoire lists on their website too.

Sweets for my sweet

Sweets for my sweet

Q. I'm obsessed by ice cream and have heard that it's a big foodie trend for 2019. I'd love to serve it on our big day but I don't want to hire in a van – is there a way to serve this sweet treat that's more in keeping with a formal, gourmet dining experience?

A. Kate Basset says: We're big fans of ice creams and sorbets at Party Ingredients so we can definitely advise! While a 'build-your-own' sundae station or after-dinner ice cream cart can work for a more informal day, we pride ourselves on working with each couple to create their ideal menu for their big day based on their preferences or themes.

One couple asked us to design a menu around their love of art, and our Picasso's Palate dessert was such a hit with guests that we've served it at many weddings since. The combination of the exotic fruit ice creams with the tang of the coulis, and the extremely Instagram-able design is the perfect way to end a seated meal with the wow-factor you're after.

Winter warmer

Winter warmer

Q. We love the romance of a winter wedding but after last year's 'beast from the east' we're wondering about the practicalities. Can you advise on the transport front?

A. Karim Usmani says: You may think that winter would limit your options for transportation, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Hardtop chauffeur cars make attractive additions to any wedding photos, and with a professional behind the wheel, committed to getting you to the venue on time, you won't have to worry about the weather causing any problems to your arrival.

The arrival to your wedding is a big moment for you and your partner, do it in style from the back seat of a luxury vehicle being driven to the venue in time for that allimportant grand entrance.

If opting for a bow on your wedding car, remember to match the colours to your elegant winter colour palette. You could even mix it up with some winter flowers or a wreath attached to the front of your luxury vehicle to truly get the day off to a magical, wintry start.

Dance like everyone is watching

Q. We're not natural dancers and are nervous about our first dance – have you got any tips to help us battle through?

A. Royston says: To help you create a performance that brings nothing but joy, follow these five tips:

When I work with artists, I help them to develop a personal style that complements their sound; if the two don't match, no dancer can find harmony between the beat and their steps. Choose a tune that means something to you; the more you can become lost in the lyrics, the less you'll overthink your steps. If you're relaxed, everything comes a little more naturally.

When I'm choreographing a routine, I look at old music videos and shows for inspiration. I recommend that you pick three classic films or music videos that inspire you (Dirty Dancing is always a good choice!) and pick up sections/steps from there.

On your wedding day, you and your partner will inevitably feel more loved up than ever. Use this! Great eye contact is key to adding romance to a routine, helping you and your partner to feel connected.

Counting in line with your steps prevents you from forgetting the routine, racking your brain for what's set to happen next.

It's your first dance, the most important thing is to enjoy the moment. Have fun and forget about stumbles – worst-case scenario you'll entertain your guests! Keep it lighthearted and everything will fall into place.