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Hot topic: Summer days

From wet weather plans to juggling bridesmaids, your summer nuptials sorted

Hat's off

Hat's off

Q. I have a vision of all of my bridesmaids in fabulous hats on our big day. However, I'm worried about the logistics as the only time all of my best girls will be in one place to try them on before the day is for my hen do weekend. Any tips?

A. Katherine Elizabeth says: I adore your idea of bridesmaids in hats – it will indeed look fabulous and create a real sense of occasion. It can be hard to coordinate bridal party shopping trips but perhaps there's a way to kill two birds with one stone. If you're yet to confirm details of your hen party, why not throw a hat-making party?

Get your hens to embrace their inner crafter and immerse themselves in the sumptuous world of fabrics, feathers, millinery techniques and beads to make a fascinator, headpiece or customise a trilby, straw boater or flat cap that you'll be able to wear at the wedding and time and time again. You could even combine it with an afternoon tea, drinks reception or dinner for a fashionista's dream day out.

Stop the press!

Stop the press!

Q. Help! I'm stuck when it comes to our wedding day stationery. I want something that reflects our personalities and is fun to boot. However, everything I've seen feels a little formal. Any suggestions?

A. Kysha Marie Buffong says: Absolutely! Essentially, you want as many aspects of your big day to be an extension of who you are and your stationery should be no exception.

Non-traditional items have become increasingly popular, as couples search for more personal ways to showcase their own style on their day.

Special touches such as personalised wedding magazines are a vibrant switch from traditional stationery and can double up as favours too.

Colours can be matched to your wedding theme and you can even put that engagement shoot to work, or add selfies from your phone as well as guide guests through the day, including an order of service, menu and seating plan.

Your magazine cover and feature make for wonderful conversation starters between guests, but overall works as an ultimate keepsake.

Don't rain on my parade

Don't rain on my parade

Q. We've booked a venue with a great garden and we'd love to make the most of it. However, we're aware that we may have to change our plans at the last minute in case of wet weather and would need a contingency plan in place. What should we be considering?

A. Zohrah Day says: One of the first things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding is your venue. Normally, the venue does have a wet weather option in place. However, this may come at an extra cost and, if this is the case, you or your wedding planner will need to negotiate with the venue to bring the price in line with your budget or as close to it as possible. If your budget doesn't allow the extra cost to hire the additional space to accommodate your guests, there are very good alternatives. After all, you may be lucky and not need the space. It certainly is worth considering the following:

❤ A patio large enough to accommodate your guests that has plenty of cover.
❤ Use of an area such as the public bar in the event of bad weather.
❤ Option of marquee.
❤ Having plenty of umbrellas available.
❤ An exclusive venue that has a wet weather option included in the cost.

As for your other suppliers, while they will be well prepared in the event of bad weather for outdoor weddings and have a backup plan in place, it's always worthwhile discussing your concerns with them.

That perfect dress

That perfect dress

Q. I've been searching high and low for my dream dress but nothing's hitting the mark, so I'm considering a bespoke design. How does the process work?

A. Nailya Belkacemi says: Finding that dream dress is so important and yet can come with its challenges. There are many considerations ahead of the big day: fabrics, colour, comfort and, of course, choosing a style and design that embodies your vision and fits perfectly. That first idea can often change and as the journey of trying on different dresses and outfits continues, it's often the case that we're drawn to specific parts of each gown.

Working with experts in the industry to fully design an outfit is often the answer and enables your vision to become a reality. Designers have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you create the one.

Nowadays, there are reputable online companies that will help to create a bespoke outfit that is handcrafted, made-to-measure and delivered to your door. The process is simple with choices provided across designs parts, including: bodice, sleeves, lower dress, collar and accessories. Finally, you choose a luxury fabric and colour, and your one-of-a-kind outfit will be created and finished to a high standard. Advice is offered throughout the process via a phone call or personal video appointment.

Personal consultations are also very popular. This process begins with a design consultation, during which designers will take the time to understand your thoughts and inspiration about style, colour schemes and fabrics and themes.

A second meeting gives designers the opportunity to present suggestions together with advice about fabrics and details. With a final design agreed upon, the process moves to a toile fitting and finally the dress is created and final fitting dates are agreed.