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Hot topic: Wedding woes

From fabulous flowers to tartan touches, our experts are on hand to solve your wedding woes

Flower power

Flower power

Q. We're planning our big day and want our flowers to reflect the contemporary, boho vibe we're going for but have no idea how to pull together a brief for our florist. Which blooms should we be requesting and what arrangements would you advise?

A. Louise Smith says: Louise says: As a florist, we're often asked to create flowers for many different themes. My absolute favourite would have to be boho. This style calls on bohemian and hippie influences: think long, flowing dresses, floral crowns and lots of free spirit.

Indeed, the essence of boho is creativity, so ask your florist to play around with lots of different textures and colours combined with fabulous flowing foliage. Pampas grass, dried flowers, herbs, succulents and even feathers work well together to create the perfect boho look alongside other natural elements such as wood and stone. In terms of fresh flowers, blooms such as hypericum, craspedia, amaranthus, sedum, anthurium and astrantia are often recommended.

For the bridal party, think mismatched buttonholes and cascading bouquets while jam jars filled with an abundance of wildflowers will lend that 'just picked' look to your table décor. For the ceremony and drinks reception, floral dreamcatchers and grounded arches capture this style perfectly.

Meet the experts: Chiswick-based Pot Pourri Flowers is owned by floral designers Louise Smith and Dominic Hughes.

Let's dance!

Let's dance!

Q. I love the idea of a lit-up dancefloor but I have no idea about the logistics of having one installed on the day. Can you talk me through installation – does it have to be a flat floor and do you need a plug socket? How long does it take to build?

A. Doville Kulikauskaite says: Doville says: On average, we estimate that a white LED starlit dancefloor takes 30 minutes to install but each event is a little different so our aim is to have it laid within an hour.

The surface has to be flat and dry. Uneven floor surfaces may result in the LEDs not working properly, as the panels may lose connection. LED dancefloors cannot be laid directly onto grass or outside.

One power socket is required to provide a power supply for the dancefloor.

Meet the experts: Doville Kulikauskaite is the owner of London-based hire company Dancing Floors.

What lies beneath?

What lies beneath?

Q. My hubby-to-be's family is Scottish and we'd love to honour their heritage on our big day. However, I'm afraid neither of us are overly familiar with the custom surrounding wearing a kilt – can we choose any colourway? Are there any other considerations to take into account?

A. Paul Swadzba says: Paul says: Most specialist kilt stores should have a comprehensive range of hire tartans and accessories that cover the most up-to-date wedding colours. Even if you do opt for a specific tartan, you can always play around with the jacket style and colourway. Choose from the traditional Prince Charlie or Argyle or a more contemporary shape, both will be available in a range of shades from plain black, grey and navy to the new tweeds for a less formal look. You can personalise the look further with special accessories, such as your own style and colour of socks, shirt, tie and kilt pin.

Most stores will be able to make a kilt in most clan tartans – even better, some offer a 'hire before you buy' option, so you, the client, will get to wear the clan tartan or the tartan choice and colour for the special day, with an option to buy after the event.

I'd always advise visiting a couple of stores to browse their range, pick the brains of the friendly and knowledgeable staff and try a few things on.

Meet the experts: Director of kilt hire service Eight Yards, what Paul Swadzba doesn't know about kilts isn't worth knowing.

The art of gifting

The art of gifting

Q. We've lived together for years and have all the toasters and plates we could need. Ideally, we'd like our guests to contribute to a bespoke piece of art – but we're not sure how to phrase this on the invites. Any advice?

A. Georgina Khachadourian says: Georgina says: Couples are often hesitant to let their guests know what they'd really like as a wedding gift for fear of appearing too demanding or insensitive. This fear is more often than not totally unnecessary however – wedding invitees understand that the days of gifting household essentials are over and they would like nothing more than to give something to the happy couple that they truly want and will cherish for the rest of their lives.

A bespoke piece of art is a wonderful idea as a special gift and it's best to be quite direct on the invitation to let guests know that this is what you'd like and exactly how they can go about contributing towards this. Setting up an online gifting site is a practical solution.

It's always a nice touch to follow up with a thank you card or e-card to let your guests know what you have bought with their contribution. In the case of commissioning a bespoke piece of art, using this as the cover illustration on a card is the perfect way to do this.

Meet the experts: Georgina Khachadourian is the founder of Pullman Editions, a Pimlico-based company that designs, commissions and publishes striking original posters, which capture the enduring appeal of Art Deco.