Eyebrow tips & tricks with the Queen of Microblading – Sian Dellar

Eyebrow tips & tricks with the Queen of Microblading – Sian Dellar

We all want perfect eyebrows and Sian Dellar exclusively told Ivana Sidey how to get them...

What is microblading and how does it differ from a conventional tattoo or HD brows?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique where a small hand held tool is used to create very. fine individual hair strands on the brow to achieve a natural brow look using hypoallergenic pigments. There are a number of different techniques that are used ranging from hair stroke brows where we use a technique that mimics your natural brow growth and movement to enhance a sparse brow for example, in order to give a natural, fuller brow with a defined shape to it.
We also offer a combination technique which is the same as hair stroke brows, except we then use that same shade to blend some shading in. This method would usually be used on clients with little to no eyebrow base to work with and needs a more structured look. This may also be a preferred treatment for somebody who has had work done on their brows before.
Microblading lasts a lot longer than the HD brow treatment and is more effective in terms of maintenance as you don't have to come in every 4 weeks, you simply have 2 treatments and it’s optional as and when you come in for colour refresh.
With microblading, we can work with virtually any style of brow, whether full, sparse or non existent. If you have sparse or little brows, it would be very hard to go for a HD treatment as they would have too little to work with.

What is the process from booking to completion?

In order to make a booking, it's necessary to call our clinic or make an enquiry via our website. Clients are then given information regarding treatments and payment procedure as well as have their questions and concerns about the treatment addressed. A deposit is required upon agreeing on a date and time in order to hold that particular date and once that's done, the client will receive an email confirmation with further information on what to do/avoid prior to their treatments. Once all of this information is given and questions are answered, the client is then booked in and appointment is confirmed with an email confirmation.
We always advise our clients to come in 15 minutes prior to their treatment, so that we can prepare their skin and have the necessary paperwork filled out in time for the appointment. We will also take a picture of the clients' brows if they are already drawn on so that I know the style they want go for. Once we have prepared the clients' chosen treatment area and have carried out our patch tests, the client will then go onto having a consultation with myself. This is the time where they will express their desired look, have their brows measured as well as go over the procedure once again and have the eyebrows drawn on to give them an idea of what they will look like. Upon drawing the brows on, adjusting any tweaks and choosing an appropriate colour, thickness and length and got full consent from them, I may then go ahead with the microblading treatment.
Upon completion of treatment, the client is provided with healing balm, informed about the healing process and be booked in for their required 4-6 week follow up appointment as well as have their aftercare instructions sent to them.

Everyone has their idea of the perfect brow, how do you ensure your clients leave feeling happy?

At our clinic, our main priority is customer satisfaction. This is emphasized as we ensure we are accommodating every individuals' needs. I will use my professional knowledge to advise clients on adequate brow structures based on their facial features, but ultimately the most important thing is what they want, it's their face after all. This is done initially by having their brows drawn on for them with a pencil to show the shape and fullness of the brow (should they want to go fuller), once they have agreed on shape, thickness and length of their brows, I will go ahead and blade what we've agreed onto the eyebrow area. Nothing is ever permanently put onto the eyebrows without the client firstly consenting to the final look.

Who is the ideal candidate for microblading and is there a best or worst time to book in for?

Microblading surpasses most non permanent treatments in many aspects, one of the main reasons for this is that we do not need much to work with. Whether you suffer from an incurable or limiting illness or you simply have little to no hair growth, we can work with any brow type. Even if you're just wanting a small enhancement to an already good base of brows, anything is achievable, little or big. The best time to come in for microblading is when you don't have any holidays planned, or after you have returned from a holiday or serious commitment or event. This is because your chosen treatment area will require 10-14 days to complete its healing process. This is especially important when it comes to Summer holidays, as the UV from the sun can substantially affect the pigment retention in the skin.

Does it hurt?

It can be uncomfortable for some people to experience Microblading, which is why we kindly ask our clients to come in before hand, so that we allow plenty of time to prepare the skin. Some people however, do not feel a thing. It varies for each individual.

Can it go wrong?

It's very difficult for microblading to go wrong, when in the hands of an experienced technician with many procedures under their belt. If someone does not follow the aftercare instructions we provide then the outcome of the treatment will be compromised.

How long does it take and what can we expect with the aftercare?
Can you still use any brow products post treatment?

The procedure itself takes 1 hour, not including skin preparation and filling out the required forms.
The aftercare will entail staying away from strong sun exposure, swimming pools, gym and not getting them wet and keeping them clean. You will also need to apply the healing balm 3 times a day for 10 days.
You can expect for the brows to be a little sore at first, then as the brows begin to heal will begin to see a crust form. You can also expect the eyebrows to fade quite a lot, as it is very hard to achieve a strong look upon the first session. This is why follow up appointments are very important.
You're more than welcome to go back to using makeup or brow products on the eyebrow area, but only once the eyebrows have completely healed. Until then, we do not advise using anything on the brows except for the healing balm, so that you allow it to completely heal. Although it's likely you won't need to do so, as you'll be left with brand new, fresh brows.

For more information, visit www.permanentmakeup-specialist.com

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