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Discover the ultimate dual cleansing cloth

Discover the ultimate dual cleansing cloth: Image 1 A new cleansing cloth is set to revolutionise the way people care for their skin.

Crafted from pure cotton, CloudCloth provides a unique, unrivalled cleansing experience due to its dual benefits. One side is cloud-soft and suitable for the most sensitive of skin, even around the delicate eye area. The other side gently exfoliates and buffs away dead cells to encourage a flawless complexion. The cloth softly removes any trace of make-up and residue, leaving skin perfectly clean.

CloudCloth is reusable, not disposable, and is crafted and distributed here in the UK, in environmentally friendly packaging. The cost is £8 for three cloths, including delivery. The brand's mission is to empower women to treat their skin with the care it deserves and to convert them from using cleansing disposables.

"We are passionate about educating our customers. We want to ensure that they know, by using CloudCloth, that they are doing something good for their skin, their purse and the planet - we want to help drive the replacement of disposables by reusuables, across the beauty industry" comments Catherine Parker, the founder of CloudCloth.

The brand's ethos is "put your best face forward" - skincare comes first, before make-up, and everyone will feel more confident when their skin is looking good. She adds: "We want the brand to be accessible to as many people as possible, as everyone deserves to have the best skin they can. CloudCloth is a luxury product, but at a reasonable price point. We're also so proud to be a British business and to manufacture our products here in the UK. The manufacturer we work with has an impressive heritage going back some six generations. By the turn of the Millennium they were the only surviving cotton mill from the two hundred or more in the same town operating at the turn of the previous century."

To use CloudCloth, a simple process is recommended:
- Rinse the cloth in warm water before use
- Apply your cleanser as usual, and wipe with the soft cotton side, to remove make up - Repeat process with exfoliating side of the cloth, buff gently.
- Complete your cleanse by placing the cloth under cool running water, rinse, and, using the soft side of the cloth, press gently to awaken skin.

Skin will immediately feel revived, radiant and perfectly prepared to get the best from your moisturiser. With continued use, skin will be visibly brighter and appear more hydrated. Just throw your cloth in the wash and it will be ready to go again, and again.

Catherine adds, "Our ultimate goal is to help women to feel great about themselves, and that comes from confidence. Knowing your skin is well cared for, and looks great, can be a big part of this. By putting your best face forward, and saying goodbye to disposables, our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that they are taking positive and responsible steps to fresh, glowing skin."

For more information, and to purchase, visit www.cloudcloth.co.uk

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