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How to combat sensitive skin

How to combat sensitive skin: Image 1 Sensitive skin comes in many shapes and forms. Whether it be a long term problem that requires you to change your routine, your lifestyle choices or simply seasonal influences. Skin sensitivity can be a frustrating process, Corrine Morley, Trilogy's Global Beauty Expert shares her top tips to combatting sensitive skin

"If you know your skin is prone to sensitivity, dehydration or other conditions, take steps to avoid irritants and environments that may affect it. Some illnesses may also cause internal dehydration and ultimately affect the skin. Ensuring your diet is rich in essential fatty acids and drinking plenty of water can be helpful."

"Seasonal changes, whether it be from Summer to Winter or visa-versa, can cause skin to become more sensitive. Stepping in from the cold and heading straight into warmth may be lovely, but sudden changes in temperate can cause irritation and dehydration comments Corrine Morley"

So what can we do to help our skin?

"Choose your skincare carefully. Anything likely to irritate to the skin, particularly alcohols, fragrances and preservatives, should be avoided. Some essential oils are more prone to causing irritation, so it's important to read ingredients lists if you know you're sensitive to something. Any cleanser that leaves the skin "squeaky clean" or taut is dehydrating. Soap is harsh because of its alkaline pH and will strip oils from the surface of the epidermis, resulting in moisture loss. Alcohol-based toners act in the same way and should be avoided. Light textured and milky moisturisers that "disappear" into the skin offer little protection against dehydration."

Pure plant oils, like Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil, is a simple, safe option. Trilogy Sensitive skin care range is a great natural alternative to traditional synthetic skincare, allowing you to care for sensitive skin while also protecting from some of the more unwanted signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

The products are formulated with SyriCalm, a fantastic natural active developed in Germany. SyriCalm contains two naturally-occurring ingredients (phragmites kharka, a reed extract, and poria cocos, a type of fungus) and is proven to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin's barrier. This makes it more resilient and less reactive to external aggressors. Also included is maqui berry, a new super-oil high in antioxidants that helps to target free radicals which can cause skin irritation. With 80% essential fatty acids to protect and reduce cell damage and disintegration, it naturally helps reduce redness and inflammation. The added addition of sea buckthorn, containing nature's richest source of Omega-7, vital for collagen production, healthy skin and to protect against oxidative damage. It restores skin cells and helps reduce fine lines and winkles for smooth, soft and comfortable feeling skin.

This range is dermatologically tested and totally free from essential oils, fragrances and irritating alcohols. Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum and Very Gentle Restoring Oil, in particular, are excellent as an 'SOS' treatment product to soothe all sorts of irritation and inflammation and help to protect and restore the weakened skin barrier.

The Trilogy Sensitive range is now stocked at Marks & Spencer and www.marksandspencer.com

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