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How to change your name, made easy

Changing your name can be a complicated maze to navigate, but at NameSwitch, we’ll help you whizz through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Let us equip you with all that you need to inform the various government bodies and companies that you have changed your first name, surname, title, or that you wish to double barrel/hyphenate surnames as a couple after marriage. Perhaps, you are looking to reclaim your maiden name after divorce? Whatever your situation or reason for wanting help with how to change your name, we’ve got you covered.

NameSwitch is an exciting online name changing service that simplifies the process of how to change your name. We use smart, secure automation to generate and populate the vast array of forms and letters that you need to let companies know about the change. And, best of all, NameSwitch is quick and easy to use.

It’s as simple as checking a box to choose who to notify from hundreds of UK companies and government bodies, and instead of filling in form after form, you’ll only have to input your details once! Within minutes, you will be equipped with all of the letters, forms and personalised instructions that you require to notify companies and government bodies to update your new name on their systems and any associated cards.

Whether you are getting married, divorced, changing gender or changing your name by deed poll for any reason, then this is the one-stop resource to make name changing so much easier.


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