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5 Top Tips on How To Postpone Your Wedding During Covid-19

5 Top Tips on How To Postpone Your Wedding During Covid-19: Image 1 Credit: Tom Jeavons PhotographyWith the Coronavirus outbreak putting the UK into lockdown, couples across the country are faced with the heartbreaking and challenging task of postponing their weddings. After months of planning and with an average of 17 wedding suppliers and up to 75 guests to coordinate, it's a tricky and frustrating job.

Weddingly, a new female-led smart tech platform who are on a mission to make wedding planning more personal, have downed their tools to help the wedding community. They have built a pop-up digital portal (www.coronavirusweddinghelp.com) filled with advice and guidance, to help couples and wedding vendors navigate this difficult time. Here is their step-by-step guide on how to postpone your wedding:

Check your wedding insurance
If you've got wedding insurance, this is your first port of call. Dig out your policy and give your provider a ring asap, to check what you're covered for in this particular situation. They should guide you on what you need to do from there. They may also be able to extend your policy, to cover your new date and advise on what parts of your budget are protected and potentially refundable.

Speak to your venue
As the host for your wedding, your venue is your most crucial supplier. Get in touch with them next. The majority of venues have now closed for the foreseeable future, so most will be eager to work with you on finding a new date. Ask for a handful of options, to start with- the more flexible you can be the better! Remember, this is a tough time for venues and vendors too. Our biggest tip here is to be kind and patient when you liaise with them. You'll find they will be much more willing to help you, if you've got a strong and friendly relationship.

Liaise with your vendors, in order of how much you like them
The fiddly bit, re-coordinating all your vendors. We suggest getting in touch with the few vendors you loved most, first. Share your venue's availability with them, to see if you can find a date that suits. This way, you can get your most important suppliers booked in, and arrange everything else around them (even if that means finding some new options).

5 Top Tips on How To Postpone Your Wedding During Covid-19: Image 2 Share your new date with your guests
Got a new date booked in? It's time to let your guests know. Confirm things with your bridal party, along with any key guests, as soon as possible. Send out 'Change the Date' cards to get it in everyone else's diaries.

Time to celebrate, again!
It's time to pick up where you left off! Things might be happening a little later than originally planned, but you are still marrying your partner and you can still celebrate with your loved ones, in the way that you want to.

Love is not cancelled!
"A lot of my bookings have now been postponed. I have been able to work closely with my clients, transferring their deposit fees to their new date, so that I can still be there to photograph their big day. Most photographers should be able to do something similar, it's what will keep us in business. From what I've seen, this challenging situation has brought out the best in people. When we come through the other side, we will all want something to look forward to and an opportunity to celebrate. What better excuse is there than a wedding?" shares local wedding photographer Tom Jeavons.

"When your original wedding date comes around, don't let this be a sad day. Do something to mark the day and embrace this time together, just the two of you. From a simple toast, to something more symbolic such as reading a personal set of vows to one another, take a moment to celebrate your relationship and to look forward to your new wedding day. In times like this, it's the love that counts!" shares Ellena Ophira, Weddingly Founder and CEO.

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