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How to deal with stress and anxiety when planning your wedding

How to deal with stress and anxiety when planning your wedding: Image 1 Wedding planning was already on the stress-list along with moving home and having a baby; now more than ever, our mental health is oh-so important during these unrepresented times. Read on to find our how to deal with stress when planning your big day.

When asked to describe their wedding, some brides have been known to use words such as glamorous, electric, and romantic. A wedding can be so many of these things: elating, exciting, joyous. Unfortunately, at times, it can also be stressful. Much like running a marathon or climbing a mountain, planning your wedding can be one of the toughest things you will ever do, but the outcome and the memories you make along the way will always be worth it.

Without having your own personal wedding planner to hand (this is always an option), the responsibility of researching, booking, and organising the entire day can fall on you alone. Thankfully, to save yourself from having a total meltdown, there are several things you can do to manage stress, alleviate worry, and wave goodbye to anxiety as your big day approaches. From stepping back and taking a breather, to leaning on family and friends for support, or even adopting technological solutions into the whole process, there are plenty of ways to help take your wedding planning duties from dreary and dramatic to down-right delectable.

How to deal with stress and anxiety when planning your wedding: Image 2 Margot Prince, UK Community Manager at leading online learning platform Quizlet (www.quizlet.com) comments:

Take your time
After the excitement and elation of getting engaged, most people build an idea of the time frame or even the time of year that they want to get married in. Whether your dream wedding is on the same scale as William and Kate's, or something a little more demure, it can take years to put together. There are a lot of apps out there that can help you from day one to arrange and coordinate all the different parts of your special day. Venues, flowers, colour schemes... the list can sometimes feel endless! Mood boarding and making notes of things you have seen can be a great way to build up a more conceptual idea of what you are aiming for. Free-to-use platforms like Quizlet allow you to create sets of categorised information, that can be shared easily amongst other users, whilst sites such as Pinterest can help conceptualise ideas, visually. This can be a great way to involve your partner, family, and friends by creating resources you can all look at in your own time.

Break it down
With so much to think about, it can feel a little overwhelming when planning a big wedding. Writing lists and asking those around you for help can make things feel a bit more manageable. Creating detailed plans of the intricacies of the big day can help to compartmentalise each aspect, giving the whole process a more achievable feel. Additionally, ticking off each task will give you a great boost, and a real sense of accomplishment. Again Quizlet is a great tool for this, and the study sets you make will then become available to other brides and grooms that are also in your position!

How to deal with stress and anxiety when planning your wedding: Image 3 David Brudö, CEO and co-founder of mental wellbeing and self-development platform, Remente (www.remente.com) comments:

Take some me-time
It can be difficult to find the time to do the activities we enjoy. This is especially true for people from the UK, which has the longest working hours in Europe. In Britain, the activities that help us relax and unwind are pushed aside too often for the sake of getting things done or catching up on rest. When planning a wedding, this time will often be even more scarce than before. That being said, during your planning period, you should make yourself, and your fiancé, a priority. Set aside an evening or two a week to do something you both truly enjoy and forget about the wedding planning entirely. This will help to drastically decrease your stress levels. Some examples could be to set a non-negotiable weekly date night with your fiancé (during which neither of you can discuss the wedding), or to set aside a self-care night that you can use to meditate, have a long bubble bath, or simply cuddle up with a good book.

Relaxation techniques
With hundreds of tried and tested relaxation techniques available, there is bound to be one that will work for you, no matter where you are or how little time you have to practice them. It can take time to find a technique that suits your lifestyle and personality, but you can start by experimenting with different relaxation methods such as meditation, breathing exercises, or even yoga as a way to destress. Apps such as Headspace offer guided meditations to help you do this; whilst Remente offers tips on how to live a more mindful lifestyle.

Use technology
Do not be afraid to integrate technology into your wedding planning. One British user of the language learning app, Babbel (www.babbel.com), used the app to learn Spanish for his son's wedding, as the bride-to-be was from Spain. Another example comes in the shape of interactive presentation platform, Mentimeter (www.mentimeter.com), which enables people to answer questions posed through the app anonymously. The platform is a good way to ensure that your own speech is on-point, as the interactive element means that multiple-choice questions, quiz's, and even polls can be integrated into your speech - helping to keep everyone on their toes when it's your turn to speak.

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