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Meet Thoshan Bhagwandeen of London event company TBhag Studios 

Meet Thoshan Bhagwandeen of London event company TBhag Studios : Image 1 Tell us about your business and what makes you different... 
We are an events company that specialises in a wide array of services. We are different from many other companies for one reason: we didn't anticipate ever becoming a business! We started as group of friends who passionately enjoyed their craft. Our founder is also our main photographer because he thoroughly enjoys what he does! We believe as a company that excellence is achieved through genuine interest and that is why all our artists can produce the work we display. 

Whats your background and how did you launch? 
I started Tbhag Studios simply because I enjoyed taking photographs and editing them whilst at university. These pictures would be of amazing landscapes, northern lights, cities across the world and wildlife etc. This caught the attention of the University and I was invited to photograph many of the events in my university. At this stage, I thought I may as well have a logo attached to my brand and that became the recognised symbol of my photography. Through this, my work became increasingly more popular and I was gaining plenty of experience in event photography.

Couple my natural interest in photography and my new-found ability in event photography, and I quickly established contracts with 13 universities in London and a further seven outside London. Through this, I met friends who showed equal passion in their varying crafts and it occurred to me that we could work together and put on an incredible display of artistry and make each event spectacular. We tried it at several university events with great success. Fast forward four years, and we are now are putting on amazing weddings, parties and events for large organisations and clients. 

Whats your favourite type of wedding to work on? 
I don't have a specific favourite. As a team we really enjoy the challenge of making your dream event look exactly the way you want it - if not better. We love colour, energy, vibrancy, and music. I love weddings where the attention to detail has been meticulously scrutinised. The results of the small details often play the largest roles and that is something we very much appreciate at TBhag Studios. It's the colours and lighting used during a first dance, or the details on the wedding cake to the folds in a wedding dress that we notice and love.

Do you have a top tip for wedding couples?
Research your event providers thoroughly. Passionate people welcome the opportunity to showcase their work. Don't be afraid to ask questions - this is your big day so it's important to have peace of mind when you select your event service providers. Not only this, but weddings cost a lot of money so make sure you are 100% happy you are getting your money's worth. 

What's the most common questions wedding couples ask you?
In 2020, people are conscious of money more than ever. We noticed that over the years, people browsed through our portfolio and became interested in booking. The first question was not when we were available, it was basically 'so how much?'. This is completely understandable and as such we show all our prices to our clients and there is no hidden charges behind anything. Showing our prices and having a set charge is our way of extending an honest and reliable service to you. 

How has your business handled the coronavirus situation?
During this pandemic we have seen plenty of weddings and events cancelled and postponed for future undetermined dates. We have seen couples explain that they have had to dig into their wedding budget to assist with there living costs from either being made redundant or businesses slowing down. To help couples, we believed financial support was our best way to say we care. We offered our clients their deposit money back during the initial stages of the pandemic and as lockdown regulations eased, we reduced our deposit and offered a completely free of charge date change or cancellation.

We have also launched a new wedding package for smaller weddings starting on the 4th July, 2020, which will allow couples to have some amazing photos from their smaller celebrations!

Thoshan Bhagwandeen
TBhag Studios Specialist Event Photography Services | www.tbhagstudios.co.uk
07578102369 | 020 8902 2300

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