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Postponing your wedding? Lace and Button suggest how to alter your dress for a different season...

Bride having dress altered by seamstress. Our winter wedding has been postponed to summer. How can I adapt my heavy, long-sleeved dress?

With so many weddings rescheduled during the pandemic, many brides are finding themselves with a dress that they think won't work for a different time of year. Don't panic, as bridalwear specialists there are a number of ways we can alter your dress to suit the season...

- If your sleeves are lined, we can remove the lining to make them lighter.
- We could change the style of the sleeve. For example, making them shorter or removing them altogether.
- If long sleeves are an integral part of the design, then we could remake them using a lighter fabric such as chiffon or soft lace.
- A more creative idea would be to make the sleeves detachable. You can then remove them completely and reattach them in the evening when it gets colder.
- The fabric used to make most wedding dresses is not heavy, but there can be many layers contributing to the overall weight. Ask your seamstress to remove a few layers to make the gown more breathable.

Irina Merkulova | Lace and Button | www.laceandbutton.co.uk

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