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*Exclusive* interview with Wendy Rowe

*Exclusive* interview with Wendy Rowe: Image 1 International makeup artist, artistic consultant for Burberry Beauty and now author of # EatBeautiful - there isn't much that Wendy Rowe can't do, so we were absolutely thrilled when she caught up with our beauty editor Ivana Sidey for a chat.....

1. You've had an amazing career - how did you go from make-up artist to make-up artistic consultant at Burberry?
I happened to be at the right place at the right time and I built a relationship with the brand for over 10 years at the time and I knew their aesthetic.

2. What's the key thing you've learnt since being the make-up artistic consultant at Burberry?
Things take much longer than you want them to take, and different regions have different regulation for makeup formulas.

3. What's the key difference between catwalk and an everyday look?
I don't think there is a great difference these days, there used to be, but I think artists make it more wearable now, and they understand that shows go direct to consumers.

4. You've worked with some beautiful famous faces from Kate to Cara and, of course, Sienna - what's the favourite look you've ever created?
I don't have favourite looks; I'm happy if the things I have created stand the test of time and become iconic looks.

5. Who's been your favourite client and why?
I only work with people I like and have fun with, the favorites know who they are.

6. What was the inspiration behind your book?
I have a blog, which enables me to share questions I'm always asked, and it's also an insight into my world. The book is like a physical bible to my world with tips, tricks, I have easy to understand philosophies and easy to make recipes.

7. Why did you decide to write it now?
It just felt like a natural progression and I had a books worth of knowledge to offer people.

8. So is good skin in your genes or can it be achieved?
It can be achieved, but it does make the process easier to have good genes

9. What are your top good skincare tips?
There's an array of exciting tips in the book but here's one just to get your taste buds going! Always take your makeup off, there is no compromise, clean skin on the outside is the fastest way to having great skin.

10. What are you top skincare superfoods and why?
Salmon because of the omega-3 in it, it helps with the elasticity in your skin, its rich in selenium which repair sun damage to the skin.
Spinach is a free radical fighter because it's it heavy in antioxidants which repairs skin cells, boosts collagen production and keeps skin looking vibrant and youthful.
Flaxseed because it's high fiber, has omega-3 and helps numerous skin complaints.
Parsley is excellent for stress and balancing excess sebum production (oiliness).
Turmeric helps purify the blood and has anti-inflammatory, it also helps the liver detoxify.

11. What one food can't you live without and why?
Spinach because it has good water content, iron, minerals and because of all the other benefits.

12. What would be your last meal?
A roast dinner.

13. What products are in your makeup bag?
Burberry BB Cream, Burberry concealer, Burberry First Kiss, Burberry Full Kiss in Nude Blush, Shu Uemura mascara and eyelash curler and Burberry Almond eye shadow.

14. What's the key to achieve a gorgeous bridal glow?
Use Burberry's Fresh Glow in Golden Radiance, do cardiovascular exercise, eat the lightest meal at the end of the day and drink hot water with lemon.

15. What's your top tip for covering:
Acne It's better to keep the skin bare until you're able to get your skin into a good place. If you're in dire need of coverage you could use something like Dermablend, it has heavier coverage and is one of the kinder fragrance free foundations.
Dark circles You need a peach base concealer with an orangey undertone, the consistency can't be too dry. The Burberry sheer concealer is a great option, just don't take it all the way up to the lash line, you can always use a heavier concealer, MAC has some good options.
Rosacea Use a long lasting concealer just in the area affected, the pigment needs to be quite strong, and use a lighter foundation for the rest.
Dry skin You need to use a good moisturizer and a moisturizing foundation like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.
Fine lines There's no cover up for fine lines, you just need to moisturize the skin. The more makeup you add the worst it will look, skin needs to be dewy.

16. What are the key trends we can all look forward to for A/W?
Glitter is the trend for A/W, it is more wearable if you make it more of an accent than a statement.

17. What's one top tip or rule we can all live buy?
Be kind to yourself.

Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe (£20) is available NOW from all good bookshops and www.amazon.co.uk

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