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Wedding News: Overwhelmed planning a wedding? A leading wedding planner shares top tips

Overwhelmed planning a wedding? A leading wedding planner shares top tips

Matthew Shaw, a leading wedding and events planner and founder of sauveur. - a superb events and creative studio - is here to reveal his Top Tips to help you plan and feel calm, confident and importantly, excited for the big day. ASK FOR HELP: I would always advise considering if you would like to engage a planner at the beginning of the process. They are true experts in their field and will help organise, inspire, and de-stress the process for you. There are planners available for varying wedding budgets so do reach out and request more information.


Wedding News: Weddings Wrapped 2023 - wedding special

Weddings Wrapped 2023 - wedding special

With Spotify Wrapped 2023 having just dropped, Encore Musicians, the UK's largest musician bookings platform has analysed 2,300 song requests by newlyweds to see the most requested songs and artists for weddings in 2023. They also surveyed 1,000 of its customers and musicians to discover the UK's favourite and least favourite songs to hear at weddings. Although Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" ranked as the most common song for first dances, it also ranked as the second least popular song to hear at weddings with one in seven ranking it as their least favourite.


Wedding News: Could you have to pay inheritance tax on a wedding gift?

Could you have to pay inheritance tax on a wedding gift?

Before the big day comes around, whether you are a guest giving a present or contributing to the cost of the honeymoon, or perhaps a relative considering helping towards the cost of the wedding itself, you ought to consider the inheritance tax implications of making such gifts. James Mabey, partner at law firm Winckworth Sherwood advises on the inheritance tax implications of wedding gifts. In the UK, if you die within seven years of making a gift, inheritance tax may be payable on the value of the gift after your death. This is because gifts are considered to be part of your estate for inheritance tax purposes.


Wedding News: Discover the ultimate hen-do experience in London

Discover the ultimate hen-do experience in London

Are you looking for a unique hen-do experience? Offering a series of floral-inspired activities that give a nod to Strand Palace's Covent Garden location – an iconic destination formerly home to the capital's first flower market – the hotel's new package allows guests to enjoy the very best of the British summertime whilst staying in the heart of the city. As part of the 'Summer in Bloom' package, guests can enjoy a vibrant floral-themed city walking tour expertly curated with renowned Blue Badge Tour Guide Mark Conroy. This bespoke tour will take guests through Central London's beautiful green spaces.


Wedding News: Propress launches the MINI Clothes Steamer - perfecting for wedding dresses!

Propress launches the MINI Clothes Steamer - perfecting for wedding dresses!

Professional and long-established British fabric steamer manufacturer, Propress, has unveiled the Propress MINI Handheld Clothes Steamer. A revolutionary product that combines over 40 years of steaming expertise with cutting-edge technology, the MINI allows users to say goodbye to the days of wrestling with an ironing board and hello to the future of garment care with beautifully crease-free clothes, whether at home, in the office, or on-the-go.

The Propress Mini Handheld Clothes Steamer (£110) is available in Arctic Grey, Idol Blue or Vintage Pink from the Propress website. It heats up in under a minute offering the convenience of crease-free clothes with a simple touch of a button. Its efficiency and ease of use make it a must-have for every fashion-savvy individual, plus it is versatile enough to treat various home fabrics from curtains to bedding, and is ideal for weddings or even hoteliers.


Wedding News: Katherine Low Settlement, Battersea unveils mural

Katherine Low Settlement, Battersea unveils mural

Katherine Low Settlement in Battersea is a much-loved busy charity that has been at the heart of Battersea since 1924 and is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2024. 'House of Love' is a large 360-degree new community mural by London-based artist Adalberto Lonardi, created to celebrate the Settlement's 100th anniversary. It was funded by Wandsworth Council and tells the story of a multicultural community moving harmoniously through time from 1924 to today. 47 volunteers took part in the 147 hours of production and painting, using 40 different colours and 24 litres of paint on the 105 square metres of wall. 47 volunteers took part in the 147 hours of production and painting, using 40 different colours and 24 litres of paint on the 105 square metres of wall.


Wedding News: Winter wedding inspiration from leading wedding planner

Winter wedding inspiration from leading wedding planner

Matthew Shaw, founder & creative director at sauveur. shares his winter wedding inspiration for those looking to tie the knot at this time of year. Winter weddings have grown hugely in popularity. The festive season can be a truly magical time of year to host a wedding and stand out from the crowd but it does bring its own set of considerations for the planning. Whilst the key areas of your wedding planning will be the same as a wedding in any other month, there are a few different elements to consider to create an incredible winter wedding celebration.


Wedding News: How to kick-start your wedding planning

How to kick-start your wedding planning

Samantha Gilchrist, Co-Founder and CEO of the UK's largest wedding venue collection, The Gilchrist Collection, shares her top tips on how to kick-start your wedding plans, taking away any unnecessary stress and disappointment in preparation for that special day. Set a Date - possibly the most important aspect of planning as getting this date in the diary will allow you to move forward with your plans. When choosing a date, it's worth carrying out a simple checklist to help you nail that day down such as: Think if there is a time of year you both always wanted to get married in? A season you both love or a month that is special to you is a great starting point.


Wedding News: Find County Wedding Magazines on YouTube

Find County Wedding Magazines on YouTube

We're never satisfied when it comes to providing our readers with enough wedspiration, which is why we've created our very own County Wedding Magazine YouTube channel! You'll find tons of big-day ideas, from venue tours to dream dresses, then take a peek behind the scenes of styled shoots featured in our titles past and present. We're adding more content all the time, so why not hit SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a thing? Simply head to YouTube and search for 'County Wedding Magazines' now


Wedding News: 5 unique winter wedding trends for 2023

5 unique winter wedding trends for 2023

From décor inspired by the season's natural beauty to creative ways to keep your guests warm, wedding supply experts Aura Print have searched TikTok to bring you the top five quirky winter wedding trends for 2023.While traditional wedding fayre often includes champagne toasts and wine, a hot chocolate bar offers a warm, decadent, and customisable alternative for the colder months. As the evening progresses and temperatures drop, guests can enjoy a sweet treat to keep them going on the dance floor. For younger guests or for those who don't drink alcohol, a hot chocolate bar also provides a great non-alcoholic option. With over 112.7 million TikTok hashtag views, the hot chocolate wedding bar trend is set to take the winter wedding season by storm!


Wedding News: A more sustainable, ethical, and zero-waste approach to weddings

A more sustainable, ethical, and zero-waste approach to weddings

Reports suggest that 4,910 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic was used up and left behind at British weddings last year, with this in mind, 77 Diamonds has released a planning guide to promote a more sustainable, ethical, and zero-waste approach to weddings. Individually, one wedding can produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste. What's more, the black bags used to collect the rubbish are themselves potentially harmful. They can take as many as 90 years to break down under the ground. But it's not just plastic which has an impact. Food wastage is also a common theme for most weddings.


Wedding News: Christmas at the Royal Lancaster London

Christmas at the Royal Lancaster London

Forget slaving over a hot oven all day, the kids screaming, the dog barking and family members lounging, whilst you cook up a storm, book the Royal Lancaster London, Christmas Day Bottomless Brunch and indulge in the most decadent feast. From breakfast staples including waffles and pancake stations, to a fresh fruit counter and all the best bits of a Full English, to fresh sushi and a vast salad selection, and the main event of the day, a succulent roast Turkey with all the trimmings, including fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside roasties, veg, pigs in blankets, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the inevitable sprout...and if that's not enough, finish with an exquisite array of puddings!


Wedding News: AI creates the ultimate first dance song

AI creates the ultimate first dance song

There are over 217,000 first dances in the UK every year (1,950,000 in the US) yet couples usually pick the same handful of songs. Have you ever wondered why tracks like Etta James' At Last and Just You And I by Tom Walker are so popular at weddings? And what makes them so timeless? Function Central, a platform for finding and hiring musicians and bands for events, have answered exactly that! By analysing the most popular first dance songs to find the top 10 that couples choose, they have used AI to create the world's ultimate first dance song based on their findings, showing couples that they can have a timeless first dance song that is unique to their wedding.


Wedding News: BOCCONCINO arrives in Soho

BOCCONCINO arrives in Soho

Experience a slice of La Dolce Vita in the heart of Soho with the opening of Bocconcino Soho on Thursday 21st September. The renowned Italian restaurant from Mayfair - famed for its authentic Italian cuisine, wood-fired pizzas and handmade pastas - will open its second restaurant on 59 Great Marlborough Street. Prepare for refined Italian dining with a contemporary flair. Open seven days a week for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, expect a luxurious dining experience full of Italian soul, including new aperitivo dishes and a first for Bocconcino, cicchetti (Venetian inspired small dishes specially designed for sharing) with mini versions of its popular handmade pasta and antipasti, served alongside signature wood-fired pizzas, fresh seafood and meats.


Wedding News: How to make your engagement ring shine for wedding day

How to make your engagement ring shine for wedding day

Between shampoo, hairspray, moisturiser and hand cream – we can all agree that our beautiful engagement rings go through a lot on a daily basis. After all, many of us wear them every day without ever taking them off! But if your big day is just around the corner, it's crucial to keep your ring looking its best for those all-important wedding photos and to ensure your nearest and dearest see it in all its glory. With this in mind, experts at family-owned jewellers and diamond merchants, Chisholm Hunter, offer their specialist advice on how to get your ring gleaming before your big day... Max Brown, Retail Director at Chisholm Hunter, shares their top tips for ensuring your engagement ring is sparkling ahead of your wedding day: "If you want your precious jewellery to look its best on the big day, we recommend taking your ring to a professional jewellers for both ultrasonic and steam cleaning and using fine emery paper followed by a full polish to remove any surface scratching.


Wedding News: Venues for the perfect autumnal ceremony

Venues for the perfect autumnal ceremony

New research conducted by ethical jewellery brand Sacet has revealed the top country wedding venues across the UK that would make the perfect location for an autumnal ceremony. By analysing a number of factors (including guest capacity, number of reviews, professionalism, quality of service and value for money) of over 30 wedding venues that offer barn, country and forest-style weddings in the UK, the top 10 were revealed. Brinsop Court Manor House and Barn, in Hereford, has been crowned the overall winner, with top ratings across all factors (quality of service, response time, professionalism, value for money flexibility and average rating). It also had the most number of reviews and can hold between 30 to 250 guests.


Wedding News: Relax & remove pre-wedding stress

Relax & remove pre-wedding stress

Wedding season is upon us and bridal showers and bachelorette parties are increasingly becoming an escape from the chaos of wedding planning and finding serenity before the big day. AIRE Ancient Baths London's spaces are revered as sanctuaries, devoted to nurturing the tranquillity of both the body and mind, transcending the constraints of time and grasping the importance of peace and serenity prior to one's special day. AIRE's selection of Wedding Gifts and Packages allow a moment of pampering to forge memories that will endure for a lifetime and are designed to be experienced at special moments, perfect for newly-wed gifts or to experience with your bridesmaids.


Wedding News: The Black Forest Brownie

The Black Forest Brownie

Exploding Bakery, the renowned online gift shop for cakes, is excited to announce the introduction of its latest masterpiece - The Black Forest Brownie. This royally festive creation is an explosion of flavours crafted by the talented team of bakers at Exploding Bakery, and it is the perfect treat to celebrate the Christmas season. The Black Forest Brownie is a delightful combination of juicy cherries, Somerset Cider Brandy, nutty almond brownie, and a topping of smooth white chocolate. Exploding Bakery takes pride in the use of Casa Luker Colombian Chocolate, a family-owned business that has been producing top-quality chocolate for over a century.


Wedding News: Are these popular 2023 wedding song cursed?

Are these popular 2023 wedding song cursed?

Research from wedding entertainment providers Function Central shows couples are taking risks choosing songs for their weddings with shockingly high divorce rates. Function Central used existing data on the songs most likely to end in divorce to see whether couples were still taking risks by adding these songs to their upcoming nuptials. This data was then cross-referenced against existing wedding playlists of engaged couples to see whether couples were still choosing these songs for their weddings. The results were concerning for any superstitious couples worried about whether certain tracks were deemed bad luck for long lasting marriages.


Wedding News: 5 reasons couples fail at sticking to their wedding budget

5 reasons couples fail at sticking to their wedding budget

With the cost of living on everyone's minds, budget expert Isabel Smith, offers some insight into how couples can set (and stick to!) their wedding budget. The number of couples who are going overbudget on their wedding is dropping, from around 2/3 in 2018 to somewhere around 50% this year. This may be due to savvier couples setting more realistic budgets, or people simply refusing spend a penny more than planned owing to future financial uncertainty, but either way, I am all for it! I've never been an advocate for getting in debt over your big day, no matter how special you want it to be.


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