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Can't help falling in love

Holly and Thanasis met in the summer of 2014, whilst having drinks in Soho and hit it off immediately. "We spent the next few hours laughing and discovering shared interests and similarities," Holly recalls. "We'd arranged the second date before we'd even finished the second round of drinks!" It was obviously meant to be because five years later, Thanasis proposed. "It was a complete surprise, albeit a lovely one after a long work week!" she says. They celebrated with Champagne before heading out for dinner. "Amusingly if anything I might have expected Thanasis to propose the following week as we were going on holiday to St. Lucia. However, I got to pack my bag with lots of wedding magazines and we enjoyed kicking off the planning process from our sun loungers with cocktails instead," says Holly.

Love on the slopes

With a shared love of skiing, Rosie and Ollie's pistes crossed in 2008, on a ski season in Whistler, Canada. "We both went out there to teach kids to ski with thirty other like-minded Brits," says Rosie. "We had a lot in common. Our shared sense of humour, laid back nature and appetite for travel and we still do!" she shares.

Ten happy years later Ollie proposed. "We went back Whistler where it all began on our ten-year anniversary of being together. It was a lovely surprise," Rosie recalls.

Isn't she lovely

Both working in the insurance industry in London, Abi and Andy's paths were destined to cross. "We were introduced by a mutual friend one evening in a bar after work when Andy asked for my number. I took his business card and sent him an email after a few days," Abi shares. Their first date was at Mews of Mayfair and then Hakkasan where they soon realised they had a lot in common – they shared a taste for great food and wine, both love cooking and going to Ibiza. "I knew he was the one when he never complained about all of my partying. He's an only child and I come from a very big family, so it took a while for him to adjust to the mayhem that brings!" she adds.

A wild romance

Devon McDaniel and Rob Newman met while they both worked at the same company for many years. "When I relocated from the U.S. to London in 2014, we started working closely together and had an immediate connection," recalls Devon. "Our friendship developed easily over team lunches and after-work pub trips, and we began dating in 2015." Fast-forward three years later and Rob proposed while the couple were on holiday in Oslo, Norway in December, 2018.

Making history for Jonathan and Jay

Before the days of Tinder there was Plenty of Fish, and this is where Jonathan and Jay first met. "It took months for us to have a first date as we had so many holidays booked," Jonathan laughs. "We finally locked in a date for 4th June, 2013, and we agreed to meet in Soho Square." Thank goodness they did get a date in the diary, because after a successful bar crawl across Soho the pair were inseparable. Fast forward to March 2018, and the pair are on a trip to an incredible safari hotel in Rathambore National Park, India, where Jonathan popped the all-important question. Of course, Jay said "yes," and on returning home the couple started planning their dream wedding.

Love blossoms

Hana and Brendan first met while they were playing hockey at the same club – although their relationship didn't get off to the best of starts. "I didn't like him at first, after he poured prosecco on me while we were on tour," Hana laughs. "However, in classic cliché form, we got to know each other and a romance kindled." The couple had discussed getting married, and with a trip to New York coming up, Brendan knew the time was right. "He proposed in our hotel room after we checked in," Hana tells us. "There was a sign on the wall saying "Marry me" and some flowers. It was a surprise at the time as I missed the sign – I was too busy deciding which side of the bed I wanted to sleep on!"

Our love rocks

Stephanie and Toby met at work in Houston, Texas, where their friendship soon turned into a relationship – despite the fact that they knew it would soon become long-distance. "He was an offshore geophysicist, whereas I was onshore in Texas," Stephanie explains. "He would be at sea for five to eight weeks at a time, during which we would talk on the phone every night. The distance strengthened our relationship."

A London love story

Fabienne and Tony both work in the classical music business – Fabienne as a marketing professional and Tony as a percussionist. It was while they were both working for the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra that they met. And yes, it was at the work Christmas party! Fabienne tells us, "I remember looking across the room and thinking, 'Who is that?' I was so drawn to his good looks and magnetism. Tony says he was taken by my big smile, flirtatious nature and intelligence."

A love for all time

Dr Naeem Meghjee and Dr Rahima Meghjee first started chatting at the tender age of 13 on MSN Messenger (remember that?), but they grew apart during their teenage years. It was when they both went to university in London that they reconnected. "I was initially reluctant about him," Rahima laughs. "But his charm, wit and good looks were hard to resist!" Naeem was attracted to her beauty and innate "goodness", eventually winning her over with a first date to the Natural History Museum.

Understated elegance

Despite going to school together and growing up in the same town, it wasn't until Lucia and Kilian finished university that they became friends. "I was on a gap year and Kilian was on a placement year," Lucia explains. "We spent a lot of time together and we ended up going out. I don't think anyone would have put us together in our school days!"

Party on

Musicians Lauren and Tim met in the most romantic setting – a wedding – where a mutual friend did some skilful matchmaking. "We ended up talking late into the night," Lauren says. And the rest is history. "I went on a four-week U.S. tour with Rick Astley," Lauren says. "While I was away, Tim worked on fixing up our house." His plan was to propose to Lauren in their wonderful new home when she got back, but it didn't quite pan out that way. Tim got booked for a gig in Egypt, with the flight departing an hour after Lauren arrived back in London. Not wanting to wait any longer, Tim met Lauren in Costa Coffee at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5.

London in summer

Jhuliana and Jonathan celebrated their intimate nuptials in a London restaurant resplendent in pastel tones. Jhuliana describes her relationship with Jonathan as a 'true modern-day romance': "We met online through a dating app. I'm Ecuadorian and my husband is from Bradford but we both live in London; in what world could these two people get together if not through the power of the internet?"