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Oyster Meister is a new concept in catering providing stand alone and mobile Oyster shuckers and wandering Caviar servers. Wherever your party is, Oyster Meister brings you fresh oysters, shucking them on the spot for your guests to enjoy and quality Caviar. We will mingle amongst your guests offering these delicious foods fit for a king, Oysters and Caviar are great party starters. Depending on numbers we can provide two or more staff so no-one has to wait too long for their turn!

Have arrangements already been made? Oyster Meister is an extra element that easily adapts to any kind of party, including marriages, corporate drinks, conferences, launches and receptions. Oyster Meister comes fully prepared, leave it all up to us, where ever the party is, at home, your offices, gallery, in a garden...

We are available usually at short notice. If you have plans already in place, No worries! We are able to work alongside other caterers, we require no kitchen or preparation space and leave without a trace. We will usually provide a selection of Oysters from the finest sources in England, Ireland, Scotland and France; depending on supply, as we pride ourselves on the quality of our product. We provide all the condiments including Shallot vinaigrette , red and green Tabasco, a black pepper mill and freshly squeezed lemon juice; Enjoy!...

Oyster Meister brings a unique flavour to your party that will not be forgotten soon.

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Wandering Oyster and Caviar service

We are able to wander amongst you guests on arrival to offer either Oysters, dressed as required or individual portions of caviar either with a small vodka shot or to accompany their welcome drink.

Categories: Entertainment

Wandering Oyster and Caviar service

A great ice-breaker for your special day.

Categories: Wedding Services

Wandering Oyster and Caviar service

Mobile and static Oyster and Caviar service for those 'Special' occasions.

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