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Happiness is a Bride’s smile

On consultation we decided upon a made-to-measure silk tailored wedding coat, with wrap over top, for this wedding trousseau, that smile says it all, as to the end result!

I specialise in bespoke and ready-to-wear garments with a twist.

Wedding guests are also able to purchase handmade ready-to-wear garments that are each the only one-of-a-kind, only one available, thus ensuring exclusivity at the event.

It’s a special day, and I believe the experience to be smiles all round!

Categories: Ladies' Formal Wear

Non traditional wedding dresses

Made to measure tailored, ivory silk zibeline coat, three quarter length sleeves, single button closure vintage diamanté button, contrasting sapphire blue lining to match partners suit. A wrap over top also bespoke compliments the look.

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