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Find out more about London's Ollie Randall Wedding Cartoonist

Find out more about London's Ollie Randall Wedding Cartoonist: Image 1 We talk to Ollie Randall, Wedding Cartoonist about what he can bring to your big day... 

I'm a wedding cartoonist! Over the course of the wedding day, I work like a photographer, discreetly capturing the atmosphere of the day in a set of unique, detailed cartoons. Unlike almost every other wedding cartoonist, I'm not a caricaturist – rather than drawing individual portraits of the guests, I draw the scenes and the memorable moments. And because I'm working on the spot, I can hand over the sketchbook there and then, giving the bride and groom a unique set of souvenirs for them to treasure.

I have a background as a writer – that's why my website is called Randall Writing – and I began drawing cartoons to accompany some of my stories. One of my writer friends asked me to draw her wedding, and I loved the process so much that I decided to make it into a business.

Find out more about London's Ollie Randall Wedding Cartoonist: Image 2 I particularly enjoy weddings where there are lots of eye-catching details – these give me lots of material to latch onto, and they are fun to draw. These visual elements can be simple and small, or spectacular and eye-catching; I really don't mind which.

The best piece of wedding-planning advice I ever heard was that couples should decide as early as possible which aspects are non-negotiable for each of them. For some people, it might be that they really want a beautiful dress or a particular kind of venue; for me, it would probably be squeezing in as many guests as possible. Once you both know what you have to have, everything else can fit in around these central ideas.

The most common question I get is why I don't do many corporate events. After all, in theory, I could offer the exact same service at, for example, big office Christmas parties. My answer is that I'm aiming to create something very personal and a little bit magic. Not many people want to frame special memories of their company's garden party and hang them on their wall. With weddings, it's the love and joy of the occasion, and the sense that it's a day that deserves to be treasured, which makes my cartoons sparkle.

Make sure you check out www.randallwriting.com/wedding-cartoonist/ and www.instagram.com/ollie.randall

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