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Sweet delights for smaller weddings - with London's Treat Me Sweet

Macaron wedding cake by London's Treat Me Sweet Having a smaller wedding than planned? Maybe a full-size wedding cake doesn't seem right for the occasion? Senda El Kardali, owner of London-based Luxury French Macarons company of Treat Me Sweet Co offers her advice...

Macarons make a stylish, chic and innovative statement at any wedding, engagement party or bridal shower. Traditionally French inspired, macarons are a popular dessert that your guests can enjoy at the wedding or as the perfect cake alternative, or even as a take home gift. These beautifully colored sweets melt in your mouth treats bring a smile to anyone who tastes them, making them the perfect dessert for your wedding day. 

A macaron is a small French biscuit, with typically a ganache filling, that comes in countless hues and flavors. Here's how you can use them for your wedding day...

- You can deck the wedding dessert table with cake stands piled high with assorted macarons, macaron cakes and macaron pops.

- Macarons aren't simply delicious they make the sweetest escort cards ever. Try Macaron tarts for your wedding.

- You can place a decorative box of macarons at everyone's seat to greet them with a surprise treat.

- You can provide your macaron wedding cake a traditional look by displaying your delicious French sweets on a tiered display stand. This is much like the tower approach and would give your wedding an elegant-meets-vintage vibe.

- You can have macarons as a gorgeous base for your small wedding cake. This idea is totally unique and is guaranteed to catch your guests' eyes.

- If you want a traditional wedding cake and a macaron cake, however wish to keep your desserts separate, serve macarons on the side. Macarons can complement the colour and style of your star dessert for a steady theme of your dessert table.

- Give your guest to-go boxes so that they can bring them home or edible wedding favours with lovely macarons. Opt healthy, fruity, savory, superfood based or alcohol infused macarons for added fun or health!

- If you can decide between a regular wedding cake and a macaron wedding cake, merge the two together and put a tower of macarons on top of a cake base for a beautiful creation.

- The most loved at weddings is the macaron tower, as they are big, bold and you can really customize them to fit your wedding theme. You can go multi-coloured, all-white, ombré or customise your own original design.

- Macarons leave less mess, as there are no excess icing to deal with, no staining the carpets or slicing isn't a concern either. Macarons offer the opportunity for better portion control and easy to pop in your mouth.

Senda El Kardali

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