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How to entertain your guests in an unexpected way. (Founder of London based roaming band, The Travelling Hands explains what a roaming bands is, how the dynamics of a wedding day develop with various stages of emotions and energy, and how couples need to be mindful of this when choosing entertainment throughout their wedding celebration).

So what exactly is a roaming band? Maybe you've heard of one. Perhaps you've seen something mentioned online. Allow us to reveal all. A roaming band is able to perform songs for you and your guests and simultaneously sing and stroll (or roam) throughout your wedding venue (inside or out) with instruments such as acoustic guitars, saxophone, double bass, and percussion. A roaming band can provide musical performances from a range of decades whilst interacting and singing directly with your guests, providing singalong entertainment on the move. This unique performance style allows for personal musical performances for different groups of guests at a time as they enjoy your wedding celebration. Typically this will be at moments that are often forgotten about when it comes to entertainment, such as the wedding breakfast, afternoon drinks, and occasionally during other days of your wedding celebration too such as the rehearsal dinner or post-wedding day lunch.

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The emotional dynamics of your wedding day
When it comes to the emotions on your wedding day, it's safe to say that you go through a lot! We have some news for you - so do your guests. From performing at hundreds of wedding celebrations worldwide over the last 11 years, we've identified the key psychological changes of wedding guests throughout these special days. Taking these changes in mind when selecting your entertainment can be crucial to placing roaming entertainment at the perfect moments in your day to maximise the experience and the party levels for your guests. Let's examine the key times below.

Afternoon Drinks
Afternoon drinks, cocktail hours or champagne receptions. Whichever term you prefer, these are typically the gentle introductory hours of a wedding celebration after the ceremony. With guests still enjoying their catch-ups with each other, your entertainment choice should be mindful of this relaxed mindset too.

A roaming band can work well in this moment, for a gentle accompaniment in this window. A soft acoustic soundtrack that flows and moves through your guests whether inside or out, and allows guests to choose how involved they want to become with the music as they slowly relax into your big day can bring a lovely addition to this time. With the focus very much on conversation, this is not the party set of course, so it's important not to expect a raucous celebration just yet. If instead you're looking for a more energetic singalong performance (or perhaps a mixture of sets)....then the next options may well be for you.

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The Wedding Breakfast
By this time of day, your friends and family are really settling into your wedding celebration. With the catch ups complete, the ceremony concluded, and perhaps the afternoon drinks sinking in, guests start to unwind further during dinner. As your guests begin to enjoy the incredible menu that you've carefully selected for them, this leads to a wonderful atmosphere and a brilliant opportunity for musical entertainment.

With this change in mindset, a sharply styled and well rehearsed roaming band performing at this time can create a huge impact. Strolling in unannounced through one side of your venue, they can surprise, delight and energise guests with an expertly crafted playlist, singing songs for all generations right in the middle of dinner. With guests not expecting entertainment at this moment, The Travelling Hands often walk into a room of applause and smiles as guests are excited to see what this strolling band can bring.

The Speeches
Speeches are most commonly found within the wedding breakfast. Memories are shared, jokes are told, emotions are laid bare and the honesty of the day is revealed (hopefully with a little laughter too). We can't underestimate the difference in mood that speeches create. Guests find themselves witnessing and experiencing a wide range of emotions in a short space of time. From laughter to those 'ahhh' moments, and sometimes even a tear or two, this a very special moment to cherish during any wedding celebration.

Once complete, and the final toast is made, guests know that there is only one thing left to do - celebrate! This creates a huge shift in the dynamics of the day. Guests are fully relaxed at this point and placing roaming performances here can really capture and heighten this wonderful moment within your celebrations.

Your post speech moments can be transformed into an immersive dining experience. Connecting, performing and chatting with your guests, the right roaming band can unite your friends and family of all ages at this time, providing an uplifting musical soundtrack to conclude your wedding breakfast with style.

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From gentle afternoon drinks to a wedding breakfast party and those post speech moments too - a roaming band can heighten the experience of your guests at multiple times throughout your wedding day, whilst energising them to celebrate the rest of your day with you too, bringing more benefits long after their final song has come to an end. Furthermore, when we consider the perfect moments to place a roaming band in relation to the psychology and the emotional journey of your wedding guests, the impact and experience can be heightened even further. After all, we believe that you deserve to party all day on your wedding day, so why wait until the evening?
- Tom Warner, The Travelling Hands (Founder)

Find out more about The Travelling Hands online.

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