Oval engagement rings are trending - Hatton Garden jewellery exlains why

Oval engagement ring on a model's hand Oval engagement rings are everywhere. On social media, #ovalengagementring is trending on TikTok with over 47.4M views and on Instagram, there are 67.5K posts using the hashtag #ovalengagementring.

Hatton Garden jeweller Queensmith believes these social media trends are translating into real purchases with oval diamonds now making up 30% of the engagement rings made at Queensmith. Considering there are around eight other classic shapes to choose from, this is a significant figure gemmologist and consultant at Queensmith Oliviia adds, "This is a big increase since Jan 2022, when around just 12% of our clients were choosing oval diamond rings."

"Until recently, round diamond rings were by far the most popular choice - with around 60% of our clients choosing the shape. This figure has fallen as we've seen people opt for the similarly plush, but bigger looking, elongated oval shape."

Oval-cut engagement rings are very flattering, the soft round edges evoke a feminine and classic style and can make the finger seem longer. Another reason why Oval diamond engagement rings are so popular is due to their durability. As the shape does not have any sharp angles or corners, an oval diamond is less prone to chipping compared to other fancy shapes.

Amanda, a goldsmith at Queensmith, adds, "our Oval Bardot ring is by far the most popular design we're working on in our workshop right now. It's clear that couples are looking for simplicity and timelessness, with the wow-factor of an oval shape!"

Queensmith has also seen a particular interest in oval lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds, with lab-grown diamonds, in general, making up 82% of their engagement ring sales. Not only do they look bigger due to their shape, but they cost less due to the efficiency of their production.

When it comes to price, Oliviia states: "a typical price for a great quality, lab-grown 1ct oval diamond ring would be around £2,500. For an identical natural diamond, you'd be looking more like £7,000."

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