Raise a glass

Raise a glass

Q. We're planning a large wedding with lots of guests when it's safe to do so, but we're worried about how to ensure it runs smoothly on the day. My friend recommended a toastmaster, but what services do they provide?

A. Sonal Dave says: I can add value and support in many ways, here is a list of services a toastmaster can offer…

- We can make all announcements at your wedding, including making sure you and your partner are ready before announcing you in.

- We work with your suppliers to ensure everything is running to time, and if there are any delays, we will manage them. We ensure everything front-of-house is running to plan and any last-minute requests are managed.

- We make sure all your speakers are ready with their scripts and check if they want to sit or stand before announcing them.

- We add gravitas to an event with our splendid outfit, personality and engaging interaction throughout.

- We're on-hand to guide guests to where they should be. If possible, we can explain in other languages to help your guests understand what's happening.

- We allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the event without stress.

- A toastmaster is not a member of the bridal party, a friend or relative, we have undergone training and mentoring to ensure we provide the best service for your wedding. We're a safe pair of hands to ensure you have the special wedding you've planned for.

Sonal Dave, Sonal Dave