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Fighting fit

Fighting fit

Q. London fitness guru Yemi Penn on the healing power of exercise...

A. Yemi Penn says: 1) Tell us about your approach to fitness. What's your signature class? Fitness is paramount for my peace of mind; I'm often a-buzz with thoughts and sometimes meditation doesn't work. Working out, especially doing an F45 class, allows me to float away from the realities of life. The intensive 45-minute workouts get your whole body moving and are so fast paced you don't have time to stress about other worries in your life. I love all things F45 as they are functional exercises and really test you but, hands down, boxing is my signature class, it screams strength, tenacity and straight up badassery (is that a word? – it should be!).

2) How often do you work out? I work out four to five times a week and try to walk for around 45 mins on other days to keep the blood flowing and the mind clear.

3) What do you do in your downtime? I think – I really try to work on the areas of myself that don't get the necessary attention they deserve, or I learn new skills. But to really unwind I have a massage or book myself into a spa and have a glass of sauvignon blanc!

4) What's your biggest indulgence? Ooh a slice of carrot cake from Sponge and Cream in Brixton Village. Layers of cream and moist sponge – give me that with a cup of tea and I'm a happy woman.

5) What does self-care mean to you? Love this! Self-care is about putting me first. Knowing when I am about to crack, stopping and telling everyone (sometimes even my kids) that I need to retreat and recover.

6) What would be your advice to brides preparing for their big day? Don't stress! I know it's the most cliché thing ever but the truth is: that day will be the most amazing, euphoric experience and the little things won't matter in the end!

7) At Your London Wedding, we believe in healthy and happy – but that's easier said than done. What's your advice for brides struggling with self-acceptance?  I have a mantra that involves saying and believing the following words: “I am good enough, I deserve a seat at the table. This is me.” Yes, I've shamelessly borrowed it from The Greatest Showman – love that movie!

Yemi Penn

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