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Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry on

Q. We're trying to work, plan a wedding and home school our two children and it's not going well. Help!

A. Malminder Gill says: Here's a few tips to help you stay sane while in lockdown.

- Create a family contract: this should lay out everyone's duties and help with sharing roles and chores. Parents can split their time, making one responsible for looking after the children while the other is working and vice versa.

- Draft an activity schedule: this could include meals, work and school and leisure times for both parents and children. Organise fun activities such as movie nights or cooking together – a great way to maintain a positive mindset.

- Keep moving: Whether it's a fitness challenge for the whole family, a dance session or playing in the garden, make sure everyone's staying active.

- Document the experience: A journal is a great way for both adults and children to understand the thoughts and emotions that this extraordinary situation brings up.

Malminder Gill,Hypnotherapy London


We'll meet again

We'll meet again

Q. Our wedding date is set for this July and we're wondering whether we should postpone now or sit it out and hope for the best?

A. Nina Beer says: Do you really need to postpone? Think carefully about this, as it is a huge decision and something that could be quite costly and stressful. Take a look at your wedding date and the really important VIP guests, such as family and close friends. Will they all be able to make it without any issues if you don't change the date?

If you do decide to postpone, then the single most important factor is whether you have wedding insurance. If so, check what you're covered for.

Work with your venue closely and look at what possible dates you could move your wedding to. Once you've decided on a new date, work with the rest of your suppliers to ensure they can make it too.

Once you've got a new date, communicate with your guests as soon as possible.

Last, keep calm. Remember, this is temporary and we're all in it together. The main thing is that, no matter what, you'll marry the one you love, just on a different day than you originally planned.

Nina Beer,Occasion Queens

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