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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Q. What are the key wedding trends for 2022 and how are couples planning their weddings differently this year?

A. Illy Goodall says: My biggest piece of advice this year is that couples need to be more careful when it comes to booking suppliers ensuring they're making smart and informed decisions in a landscape that's growing larger all the time.

With 2022 gearing up to be the most hectic year for the industry following the number of cancellations during lockdown, suppliers are in high demand and more new companies are setting up than ever before.

Alongside this comes yet another challenge: availability. Even with the influx of new suppliers, most are already fully booked for Saturdays between June and October 2022. Desperation to secure a wedding vendor in 2022 is leading many to settle for services from poorly regarded suppliers, or those with less experience in the field. Many are upping their costs, so couples could end up losing significant money if they make the wrong decision. It's never been more important to either use a reputable wedding planner, or do your own thorough research and check contracts carefully to avoid being disappointed.

Illy Goodall, Illy Elizabeth Weddings


Dream themes

Dream themes

Q. How do we start to narrow down the choice of wedding themes and find what's right for us?

A. Valentina Ring says: My advice to couples who are looking to unlock and refine their style is this: follow your heart and listen to what you are drawn to, but also keep an open mind about adapting the things you love to your wedding. Pinterest is a melting pot of ideas that can help you colour in your celebration, but it shouldn't be a source of pressure or expectation.

Your day should reflect your own priorities, personalities, passions and the investment you are comfortable making. There are no rules. Every single wedding is beautiful because it's unique to the couple; your love story isn't like anybody else's, so why should your wedding be? Certain looks and details can turn into trends, and by all means embrace them if you love them, but try to let go of the idea of what's in.

Ask yourself what your definition of beauty and luxury is. What do you surround yourself with in your home and in your holidays that makes you happy? Decades from now, you'll look back and remember choosing all the things you loved the most while telling your story, and that's the most special thing there is.

Valentina Ring, The Stars Inside