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Q. How to inject seasonal brights into every element of your wedding…

A. Valentina Ring says: Think about complementing your floral palette by adding napkin shades that pop, coloured glassware, lively dinner candles, and place cards and menus with bright details. You could add seasonal fruit to your table, fabric and crockery with floral prints or modern patterns, bright velvet dining chairs instead of wooden ones, and pick focal points of your venue for some installations of eye-catching artwork.

The key is to create a palette that balances neutral and bold colours, so the hues each stand out beautifully on their own and complement one another in a way that doesn't feel too cluttered or overwhelming.

I'd also suggest that, if having a day that feels uplifting and vibrant is important to you, make sure you choose a venue with lots of natural light. Look for a location with plenty of outdoor areas and big windows and consider shifting your timeline so that more of the details can be enjoyed during the daytime. For the evening, why not get some cool uplighters or neon tubes in the shades you love – and continue telling that colour story up to the end of your celebrations.

Valentina Ring, The Stars Inside


Magical backdrop

Magical backdrop

Q. We're looking for a venue that we can make our own. How can we turn a blank canvas into a cosy winter backdrop?

A. Jordan Crowley says: Lighting is everything! We have lovely strip lights running around the main event space that look great on their own, but even better when accompanied with big festoons for that winter fairytale vibe. Lit lanterns dotted on tables really finish the look and add twinkles all around the space.

With the dark nights coming earlier, having uplighters is a sure way to transform a space from daytime Narnia to party in no time. Overhead lights off, uplighters on! It's also a great way to bring in your personality with your favourite colours echoing around the room. Take it a step further and opt for projectors, mimicking a mystical night sky on the ceiling – simply magical!

Jordan Crowley, Core Clapton


Intimate celebrations

Intimate celebrations

Q. We booked a large venue, but now we're hosting a small celebration in May. How can we make the space feel more intimate?

A. Akilah Atiba-Davies says: - Fill the space, but don't overcrowd it. It's a good idea to create different stations in the room so your guests can explore without feeling overwhelmed. For example, a saxophonist lounge where you add a sofa, floor cushions and bar at one end of the room would be a winner – so while guests are waiting to be seated, or want to grab a drink, they're serenaded.

- Your table plan is vital for your micro-wedding. If you're not loving the idea of long tables, my suggestion is to go for round tables to split the guests up a bit and give them a full 360-degree experience. As a couple, you can then walk around to greet your guests.

- Room dividers are so in for 2021! Quirky, modern or traditional styles will all do the trick, but don't overthink it. By dividing the space, it leaves room for excitement and exploration.

Akilah Atiba-Davies, Events with Akilah