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To dine for

To dine for

Q. After a lot of sleepless nights, we've decided to plan a micro-wedding in early 2021. What food can we offer our guests to make it extra special?

A. Alex Head says: - Bring the taste of everything you've missed. We've had some really unique requests for smaller weddings, including tasting menus inspired by the clients' favourite restaurants they'd missed during lockdown. I'd suggest making a list of your favourite flavours and cuisines, then consider how this can translate into dishes. Perhaps you've had to postpone your Spanish or Italian honeymoon – so why not honour this in your catering?

- Canapés are a win-win. They're a great excuse to incorporate all your favourite flavours into your day. We've been designing canapé menus that are served in a socially distanced way without compromising on quality or presentation. Think single canapés served under mini glass cloches or individual bento boxes filled with a serving of canapés for each guest. You can pack in more flavours and options for your smaller guest list, as the normal headache of pleasing a large group is removed.

- Focus on delivering an extra-special experience. The budget that would've normally gone into catering for larger numbers can now be focused on quality dishes and a more bespoke, enjoyable offering. It also presents an opportunity to use local ingredients. We source from areas that are rich in quality produce, and you'll be supporting a local business too.

Alex Head,The Social Pantry


Plant the idea

Plant the idea

Q. We're planning our menu and we'd like to service vegan food both for environmental reasons and because the majority of our guests are vegan. Any tips?

A. Arjun Varma says: Arjun says: Vegan weddings are at a turning point and are becoming a fast-rising global trend; and with veganism establishing itself as a permanent lifestyle choice for people around the world, the demand for plant-based products and services has skyrocketed in the past few years. The rise of veganism means that the event industry is expected to cater for guests with such dietary preferences. Wedding planners and event organisers need to give vegan couples peace of mind and a sense of normalcy when planning their big day by being familiar with the nuances of a plant-based lifestyle. This also means that the once-typical wedding vegetarian dish consisting of oily veggies with pasta is thankfully now a thing of the past.

A lot of event organisers are striving to go further to not only meet the ever-growing demand for accessible vegan food but also to create entire events that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Following in the footsteps of Princess Eugenie, brides-to-be are thinking more about the planet while planning their big day, and not only choose to go vegan or vegetarian but to be as sustainable and plasticfree as possible too. Of course, it helps that linen napkins and glass or metal straws look much chicer than their plastic counterparts.

Arjun Varma

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