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Q. Finding a fab photographer is so important to us and with that comes a cost. Do you have any advice on getting the best for our buck?

A. Jeff Oliver says: Your big-day photos capture the memories that you'll cherish for years to come so it's important that you find the right pro – if there's one element of your budget not to cut – it's this one! You want to make sure that you get the best for your money and here's our advice on the best way to do that:

- Be cautious if a photographer offers you something at half the price of others on the market. You want to pay the right price but for a quality service.

- Do your research – check reviews and portfolios to make sure that you're happy with what other couples are saying about the photographer and that you like their style.

- Check your package – how many images will you receive after the day, are they print or digital, how soon after the day will you receive them. Also, be aware of cheap base packages where any additional items such as extra hours or a second photographer, are an added cost.

- Be clear on timings so you can book a package that covers the parts of the day that you want capturing on camera, rather than needing to book a full day's coverage if you don't need it.

- Think about different days of the week or months that aren't during peak season for a more affordable package.

Jeff Oliver, Jeff Oliver Photography


Top tips for a winter shoot

Top tips for a winter shoot

Q. We're planning a winter wedding and would love to get some photography tips for this time of the year to make sure we get the best pics possible – help!

A. Paul Gapper says: Keep warm! It can get quite cold in winter, while it rarely snows these days in the south, it looks amazing when it does. Remember if you're going to be outside for a while ask someone to bring a coat or a shawl to keep you warm while your photographer looks for great places to take your pics. It can get very muddy at this time of the year so ask the same person to walk with you and hold your dress to keep it off the ground.

The evening sky can look amazing so be sure to think about the twilight zone and time your shoot for then. When looking for your venue, choose one that has plenty of good indoor spots for your backdrop just in case the weather turns – fireplaces look cosy and wooden barns look amazing with candles flickering in the background.

Have a good supply of umbrellas on hand and using sparklers instead of confetti always looks good. You could even end the night with an amazing firework display (if your venue allows).

I'd advise to hold your ceremony earlier in the day and also speak to your photographer to check that they're able to shoot in low light conditions. If you have your wedding during the winter, the chances are you can get better rates with more dates available plus if you time it just before Christmas you have all the lovely decorations free of charge.

Paul Gapper, Paul Gapper Photography


Big-day shoot

Big-day shoot

Q. My partner's extremely camera shy so I'm worried about our photos not looking natural. What advice can you share and how can you help with that on the day?

A. Jeff Oliver says: Being camera shy is like a vicious circle, you feel awkward in front of a camera, it shows in the final photo, you don't like the final photo and so the cycle continues. We have several tips and tricks to overcome this, first off is having a pre-wedding photoshoot. This may sound like a baptism of fire, but the number of our couples that have gone into a pre-wedding shoot feeling shy and nervous, and finished being much more comfortable and having enjoyed it, is countless.

Another thing to remember is that many photos are taken from a distance, leaving couples to relax and chat a little, rather than having a camera up close and in their face. When looking either at each other, or 'off-camera', they almost forget we're there. We find shooting this way produces natural photos from even the most camera-shy person.

Ultimately, trust your photographer! They'll work with you to help you feel more at ease and less awkward when having photos.

Jeff Oliver, Jeff Oliver Photography




Q. What are the key wedding trends for 2022 and how are couples planning their weddings differently this year?

A. Doville Gailiuniene says: Some guest lists and wedding budgets are getting bigger in 2022. Couples are making the most of the opportunity to bring their nearest and dearest together. Larger weddings are slightly harder to run, but I love the thrill on the day. The organisation is key to keeping everything on track and to getting the best out of your wedding pictures. Remember, that for big weddings timing is everything. Here are my top tips:

- Have a clear timeline of the day – You can't have 10 large group pictures in 10 minutes, you need to be realistic with your timings for photographs.

- Communication is key! Write a list of must-have pictures and share your ideas with the photographer.

- Visit your wedding venue with your photographer to look at the best locations for portraits and family pictures.

- Consider investing in a second photographer or even a third. You won't regret it. You'll have more images and a variety of different angles such as the groom's first look while the bride walks down the aisle. One photographer won't be able to cover both.

Your wedding pics will be a lasting memory of that special day. We as photographers can change a lot, but we can't change the mood so enjoy the day and have fun.

Doville Gailiuniene, Doville Gail Photography


Seasonanl shoot

Seasonanl shoot

Q. With darker evenings and colder climes I'm worried that we'll have fewer options for our photos. What do you advise?

A. Christine Constantine says: A winter wedding spells magic and mystery, but there are some key things that you need to consider. You'll have less hours of light to work with so if you're a fan of naturally lit images, be sure to schedule your ceremony earlier to make the most of those daylight hours. If you love sunset shots, there are some spectacular skies at this time of year. Just make sure you check all timings with your photographer and schedule your day accordingly.

It'll be chillier, but what a great excuse to wear a fabulous white faux-fur coat or dazzling coloured pashmina. If we're blessed with snow this can be a stunning look. Couple with some beautiful seasonal flowers and against a white backdrop, you'll truly pop in your images. 

If you don't get snow arrange a post-wedding shoot when we have some of the stuff around. Yes, it means getting suited and booted again but, in my opinion, totally worth it! You'll have your dream winter wedding images with that magical white background to treasure forever.

Finally, always hire a professional. We're trained to deal with low-light conditions.

Christine Constantine, Christine Constantine Photography


Love yourself

Love yourself

Q. I'm feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having all eyes on me on my wedding day. What can I do to boost my confidence and get excited about the prospect?

A. Mervyn Reid-Nelson says: Your wedding is likely to be one of the best days of your life, and with that comes a lot of pressure for everything to be just right. This can include your self image. When it comes to having your photo taken on the day, the aim is to remove the need for perfection and instead see your photographer as someone who is taking a record of what happened on this once-in-a-lifetime day. There's no expectancy to look like anything other than your beautiful self. You'll thank yourself for being in the moment when you look back on your photos for years to come.

The second step to greater body confidence is to practice a confident mindset. If you feel confident, you'll look it. Dip into the confidence pools that exist in your everyday life – that amazing presentation you did at work, that time when you perfected your manicure – these are all little wins. Thinking about the things that make you feel a certain way will help you depict that emotion in your photos.

Our body confidence shoots provide you with an experience that help you celebrate the true beauty and strength that you carry. Seeing your body as a piece of art is the perfect first step to learning to love yourself.

Mervyn Reid-Nelson, You at Yours