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Love yourself

Love yourself

Q. I'm feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having all eyes on me on my wedding day. What can I do to boost my confidence and get excited about the prospect?

A. Mervyn Reid-Nelson says: Your wedding is likely to be one of the best days of your life, and with that comes a lot of pressure for everything to be just right. This can include your self image. When it comes to having your photo taken on the day, the aim is to remove the need for perfection and instead see your photographer as someone who is taking a record of what happened on this once-in-a-lifetime day. There's no expectancy to look like anything other than your beautiful self. You'll thank yourself for being in the moment when you look back on your photos for years to come.

The second step to greater body confidence is to practice a confident mindset. If you feel confident, you'll look it. Dip into the confidence pools that exist in your everyday life – that amazing presentation you did at work, that time when you perfected your manicure – these are all little wins. Thinking about the things that make you feel a certain way will help you depict that emotion in your photos.

Our body confidence shoots provide you with an experience that help you celebrate the true beauty and strength that you carry. Seeing your body as a piece of art is the perfect first step to learning to love yourself.

Mervyn Reid-Nelson,You at Yours


Snap happy

Snap happy

Q. There are so many photographers out there – how do we choose who's right for us?

A. Douglas Fry says: The best photographers should pass three tests:

- Is their portfolio consistently good? If the gallery shows a documentary style for one wedding, lots of flash in another and an attempt at a hipster vibe in a third, then your photos may come as an unwelcome surprise! You want to see examples of great photography in a consistent style that looks good all year round.

- Do you like your photographer? You'll be in close proximity to them all day, so make sure you get along. It's important to meet a selection of photographers in the early stages and get a feel for their personality.

- There are no second chances, and experience is key to good photography. A wedding can be an emotional time and you need to know your photographer is prepared for each stage of the day so you'll have a set of images you'll love for years to come.

Douglas Fry,Douglas Fry Wedding Photography


Getting comfortable

Getting comfortable

Q. My partner and I are nervous to be in front of the camera. How can we relax on the day?

A. Edwin Marcow says: With 101 things running through your mind, it's understandable if you become anxious. If you're feeling shy, it can affect how you interact with your photographer and how you appear on camera. Looking back, you'll want photos that show your loved ones smiling and laughing, as well as romantic couple portraits without feeling embarrassed.

The wedding morning can be stressful; hair and make-up has to be perfect and you can't be late. Before I even pick up my camera, I'll spend time chatting with you to make you feel at ease. Maintaining that light-hearted approach will enable me to capture beautifully relaxed photos.

I'll always get the newlyweds in a great pose to take some test images. I'll prompt you to smile and then show you the test images on my camera to help build your confidence and see how great you look. I'll always make this time a fun experience that you'll both enjoy. Although I'm an award-winning photographer, I'm actually quite shy myself, and I believe this gives me an insight into how you're feeling.

Edwin Marcow,Edwin Marcow Ltd


The mask

The mask

Q. Our wedding date isn't currently affected by the lockdown but nevertheless we're wondering whether we should go ahead, postpone or scale back plans. Any advice?

A. Edwin Marcow says: It's likely that some form of social distancing will be in place for some time so 'business as usual' may not be a reality even for weddings due to take place later in the season. We'll all need to be practical and flexible – unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19 has put 2020 wedding couples in a difficult situation and we'd suggest you adapt your plans accordingly and scale back your big day.

As Robert Kiyosaki said, 'inside of every problem lies an opportunity' – the circumstances could be a blessing in disguise, allowing you to enjoy a more intimate day with your nearest and dearest. After so long apart, quality time together will be all the more precious and your suppliers and guests will be protected if you space your tables further apart.

You could, of course, get creative with the theme. Switch favours to hand sanitizer and distribute elegant masquerade masks.

Edwin Marcow,Edwin Marcow

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