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Absolutely flawless

Absolutely flawless

Q. Lockdown has played havoc with my skin. How do I get it back to its best for my wedding at the end of the year?

A. Joyce Connor says: - Cleanse. Washing your hands for 20 seconds has become the norm, now is the time to get into the habit of washing your face for a minimum of 60 seconds with a foaming cleanser. Cleanse your forehead down to your décolletage and rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

- Hydrate. Staying indoors can make your skin dehydrated and tight. Drink plenty of water and add a facial spritz to your skin every few hours under your moisturiser and over your make-up.

- Face mask. Stress and tiredness can deplete your skin's nutrients. Using a face mask weekly will hydrate, plump and give your complexion a boost. Applying your mask at night after cleansing will be most beneficial.

- Sunscreen. Wear a sunscreen daily, even if you're not going outside. Daylight contains UVA rays that age the skin, and you can still get sunburnt if you're working in front of a window.

- De-stress. If you're suffering with breakouts, try to avoid touching your face. Wash your hands before you start your cleansing routine and use calming products and gentle movements. The less-is-more rule applies: less product, less touching and less pressure.

Joyce Connor, Joyce Connor Make Up

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