Get the party started

Get the party started

Q. We want to create a party atmosphere for our evening celebrations. What does a live band bring to the occasion?

A. Tashara Forrest says: A live band should bring that wow factor to your wedding. They should keep you and your guests engaged, thoroughly entertained and on that dancefloor. An experienced and well-rehearsed band, like Tashara Forrest and Sleeke Chix, will bring fresh and new originality to your favourite cover songs giving you and your guests an experience that you'll never forget. We perform a vast catalogue of music, spanning several decades and genres of music and we have an initial consultation with this catalogue to find out what type of music and feel you want for your special day. We can also learn new songs and tailor make our sets to your desire.

We recommend you choose your favourite upbeat songs that you and your guests love to dance to for the reception entertainment. You should also definitely throw in a handful of your favourite ballads if you want to, but remember if you want the party to be swinging it's ideal to choose mostly up-tempo music.

Finally, be sure to check out client testimonials of whichever band or performer you choose. We're proud to have a page on our website dedicated to lovely words from previous clients.

Tashara Forrest, Tashara Forrest & Sleeke Chix


Child's play

Child's play

Q. We want to invite children to our wedding but how can we keep them happy and prevent them getting bored?

A. David Gregory says: When planning your wedding, you might be faced with that difficult decision of whether children will be invited. Many couples choose to keep their big day to adults only, to save on costs and to prevent bored little ones running around and causing havoc. Inviting children to your wedding can add magic to your day and it doesn't need to be stressful. All you need to do is make sure they're suitably entertained.

During your reception, children can become restless, and that's why it's important to keep them busy. It can be something as simple as giving them an activity pack to complete during the wedding breakfast and during the summer months, outdoor games such as giant Jenga will go down a storm. If you have lots of children attending your wedding, I'd recommend getting in touch with an entertainment supplier – they can work with you to maximise the space at your venue and can plan activities throughout the day to keep guests of all ages entertained throughout.

David Gregory, Entertainers Worldwide




Q. Following the last 18months, how has the wedding industry changed?

A. Dessie Poleon says: After the past 18 months, it seems like people were desperate to be back with their loved ones to have a celebration. This has made us feel welcomed every time we've recently performed at a wedding, like everyone's been missing us and the band has come to bring the party.

After the pandemic, I expect to see an increase in bookings and weekends filling up quickly as there will be no restrictions and everyone will be ready to celebrate. Couple's priorities have changed and varied as people were affected differently by the pandemic. You have those clients who are now trying to cut down on their band sizes due to change in venues, or perhaps even income, and on the other hand some people are increasing their band size and adding more live music through out the day for their drinks reception and ceremony – this could be due to increased budgets through saving during lockdown or because the last 18months have made them want to celebrate bigger and better. We're looking forward to being a part of some amazing parties!

We have a very easy online system where clients can start planning their event with us. This means that throughout the pandemic, most clients who postponed had good time to get it all in order. When we do our final call before the event, it's usually very easy as everything is already prepared for us. This includes their music preferences, schedule and logistics.

Dessie Poleon, Blue Lion Band


Best night ever!

Best night ever!

Q. My partner just wants to put on a playlist for our wedding. How do I convince him that live music is best?

A. Tim Sentance says: The answer can be summed up in three words: energy, interaction and personal. Firstly, let's look at energy; live music feels alive! There's something about being in the same room as the roaring guitar amp, crashing cymbals and screaming vocals that makes it more exciting than a record. Your guests will feed off the energy of the performers too – seeing the band jump around on stage will make them want to get on the dancefloor!

Secondly, interaction – a good band makes you feel part of the music. Whether it's singing along or joining in with some cheeky choreography, it just feels cool to get involved! Many performers now use wireless microphones so they can come down and party with your guests.

Most importantly, live music is personal. A record will always sound the same, but every live performance is special and unique – just like your wedding. With a live band playing your first dance song and your favourite tunes in their own style, you'll create a party your loved ones will never forget.

Tim Sentance, All Town Music