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Best night ever!

Best night ever!

Q. My partner just wants to put on a playlist for our wedding. How do I convince him that live music is best?

A. Tim Sentance says: The answer can be summed up in three words: energy, interaction and personal. Firstly, let's look at energy; live music feels alive! There's something about being in the same room as the roaring guitar amp, crashing cymbals and screaming vocals that makes it more exciting than a record. Your guests will feed off the energy of the performers too – seeing the band jump around on stage will make them want to get on the dancefloor!

Secondly, interaction – a good band makes you feel part of the music. Whether it's singing along or joining in with some cheeky choreography, it just feels cool to get involved! Many performers now use wireless microphones so they can come down and party with your guests.

Most importantly, live music is personal. A record will always sound the same, but every live performance is special and unique – just like your wedding. With a live band playing your first dance song and your favourite tunes in their own style, you'll create a party your loved ones will never forget.

Tim Sentance,All Town Music


Time to party

Time to party

Q. We're worried about keeping our guests on the dancefloor all night. How do we make sure the DJ plays the best mix of tunes?

A. David Parkinson says: My first step is to have a chat with my couples about the style of music they're into so I can begin to create a playlist. I also suggest that when couples send out their invitations, they include the option to make a song request on the RSVP; this gives the DJ a great platform to start with and will keep the dancefloor rocking.

I build a playlist to include important tracks such as the entrance songs for the ceremony and reception as well as the first dance. I'll always go through this with the couple to ensure they're happy. On the night, we're always ready to read the crowd and switch genres so all guests are catered to. An experienced DJ will create an upbeat party atmosphere to get everyone joining in.

David Parkinson,DJ Dave B


I need somebody

I need somebody

Q. Help! I'm clueless about music – and I don't even know whether to plump for a band or a DJ, let alone how to hire a good act – how can I narrow down the options?

A. Becky Carewe-Jeffries says: Becky says: Don't panic! There are expert agencies out there who have already done all the hard work for you. Choosing the music for your wedding day is easy when you have people you can trust providing you with the best options, so you can just sit back and pick the music that gets you excited.

A DJ is the perfect choice for a smaller venue or if you're limited by budget. You could also opt for a DJ Live option, which means you would have live musicians – a vocalist and a saxophonist, for example – playing alongside a DJ. This unusual act helps to capture a nightclub's aura and the infectious energy of live musicians.

Live bands, meanwhile, are a sure-fire way to get people of all ages up and dancing on your big day, one of our acts is even interactive meaning the musicians are in among your guests, dancing the night away with them.

Becky Carewe-Jeffries


Mix it up

Mix it up

Q. Our wedding party is very mixed with guests aged from four to 90 – how can we get them all on the dancefloor; does a universally popular playlist exist?

A. Elisabeth Chidi says: Elisabeth says: It's to be expected that your wedding will be a collection of family and friends from differing age groups, and therefore it'll be difficult to cater to everyone's musical tastes but, if you aim to choose a list of songs that the majority of your guests would at least be familiar with, you can create a great party atmosphere.

Below, are a few tips to help:
1) Remember that for the most part, the music choice should be something that you – the bride and groom – want to hear on your special day; use this as your main musical inspiration.

2) Add to this a selection of current pop hits plus a few songs from each era of music, i.e '60s/'70s, '80s/'90s and the naughties – think Motown hits, ABBA sing-alongs and Rihanna.

3) Throw in a few popular rock anthems, for example Queen or Bon Jovi, and in no time, you've built a playlist that has something for everyone. If this sounds like a little too much to take on, consider relieving your stress by hiring a live band with years of experience entertaining guests of all ages.

Elisabeth Chidi


All night long?

All night long?

Q. We love the idea of a live band but we're worried that we'll lose guests from the dancefloor between songs – any advice on creating the ultimate party atmosphere?

A. Tim Owen says: Tim says: There are a few professional bands out there who actually medley each song together throughout the set. Bands like this are rare, as it requires so much rehearsal and professionalism. Find a band that provides lights and a really good PA and ask to see live video of them to check how they sound. Tell them within your initial enquiry that you want each song to start immediately after the previous song, with no gaps. If they don't medley each song together, they might still be able to minimise the gaps to almost nothing. The next tactic of keeping people on the dancefloor is to minimise their other options. Have most of your tables removed from the party room and book a venue where the bar is in the same room as the band; this alone can make or break a party. The third thing to get right is the time; if the band is on too early, people will feel inhibited and shy. Wait until they've had a few drinks and it gets dark. Have the band start at around 9pm and you'll be onto a winner!

Tim Owen

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