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Change of the season

Change of the season

Q. Our winter wedding has been postponed to summer. How can I adapt my heavy, long-sleeved dress

A. Irina Merkulova says: With so many weddings rescheduled during the pandemic, many brides are finding themselves with a dress that they think won't work for a different time of year. Don't panic, as bridalwear specialists there are a number of ways we can alter your dress to suit the season…

- If your sleeves are lined, we can remove the lining to make them lighter.

- We could change the style of the sleeve. For example, making them shorter or removing them altogether.

If long sleeves are an integral part of the design, then we could remake them using a lighter fabric such as chiffon or soft lace.

- A more creative idea would be to make the sleeves detachable. You can then remove them completely and reattach them in the evening when it gets colder.

- The fabric used to make most wedding dresses is not heavy, but there can be many layers contributing to the overall weight. Ask your seamstress to remove a few layers to make the gown more breathable.

Irina Merkulova,Lace and Button


Reuse, recycle

Reuse, recycle

Q. We're really keen to minimise the impact of our wedding on the planet but we're finding it tough – any suggestions?

A. Johnny Roxburgh says: Johnny says: Ethical weddings are becoming increasingly important with couples placing emphasis on their nuptials being plastic-free and considering aspects such as food waste management and re-use of flowers. The reality is that it's often logistically difficult to send food and flowers to those in need due to health and safety regulations, however this is an issue that's likely to see much improvement over the coming years.

That said, there are other elements of the day that are relatively simple to be re-used. One of my clients bought very expensive fabric for the tablecloths, which she then turned into curtains after the wedding. She had an excellent laundry service!

Johnny Roxburgh

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