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Big-day blockbuster

Big-day blockbuster

Q. We'd love our day captured on video but we're not sure where to start. What parts of the day would you suggest we capture, can we choose our own music, do you blend into the background? Help!

A. Jess Ewing says: When planning to have your day filmed, it's essential to make sure that all the key moments of the day are captured. This includes the ceremony and speeches, as well as any other important moments that you want to remember. Capturing audio of the vows and speeches and maybe even guest video messages are also an important aspect to consider with video, as it can bring back the emotions and ambience of the day when you watch the video again.

In addition to capturing the ceremony, it's a good idea to include footage of the pre-wedding prep. This can be a special moment for you and your partner as you see what each other were doing on the morning of your special day. Music is also a crucial component. It's important to discuss with your videographer whether they have a database of licensed tracks or if you can choose your own. I'd recommended to choose music that reflect your personalities, or let your videographer choose tracks based on the overall feel of the day. The chosen music will set the tone and pace of the video, which can make a big difference in how it's perceived by the viewer.

A key aspect of creating a meaningful video is choosing a videographer who can blend seamlessly into the background. A good pro should be able to capture candid moments without getting in the way or drawing attention to themselves. I've been referred to as a video ninja in the past because my couples say they don't remember noticing me on the day, but when they receive their films, everything is there!

Jess Ewing, I Will Video